Monday, 26 October 2015

Camping at Hunters Greave August 2015

Charlotte B is here from London with daughter Skye. We are practising for Carnival Village Leeds, and we are going camping. On Thursday I take Fehmina and cat to the vets in Meanwood, then turn about for Leeds Station, where Charlotte has wandered off into City Square, and it takes a while to recapture them!

Angie and me
Charlotte by locks
Next day we rehearse some of our tunes in the living room. As Charlotte normally plays with marching band, Nostalgia, she is more than happy to take on the single guitar. This just means no root notes for the E flat chords which seems to pop up everywhere. And that means a double take before rubber strikes metal.

Anyway, it's half four and we hit the Leeds Bradford Road; at the campsite we find Daisy Lola Ben Joe plus lots of old friends. We set up the tent in a leisurely way with no-one trying to help us - always a bonus.

That evening it is proper camp fire with wine and chat. Next day I am still arranging players, sets and setlists from the trusty mobile, and then 24 hours after we arrived we set off back to Hyde Park. Best thing was that Lizzie Connor and the girls have arrived minus tent poles so they decide to use our tent, and we get not to have to pack it away!
Find out that Angie and I are both preparing for Carnival - me and Charlotte on pans, Angie has been making costumes with friend, Marina.