Monday, 11 January 2016

Winter Holiday 2015

Christmas saw us with new baby in da house - this was Pads, Patrick, Padlington, Paddington, not Paddy [no chance!]. Sadly, for the second/third year running we didn't have Tropical World to finish off our collective health with.

putting a brave face on the side balcony
On the 23rd we went to the Nutcracker. Me, Daisy, Stella, Jordan, Lola and Maya. We adults got vertigo and Daisy never recovered. Hard to say how good it was. The seats were restricted view. Let's just say I have booked Swan Lake from a different angle.
Christmas Day: as ever, presents and pass the baby. I called up on PennytheMother for a small gin and orange and a selfie with Kelly the Cat.
Bought Maya and Lola this knitting frame and have nearly finished Maya's pink and blue bag. Can't wait to start on a black snood.

On the 27th me, Walt, Stella and my mother went to see Lady in the Van. That's four generations that Alan Bennett rather more than entertained in one amazing, riveting film.

When Georgia comes detached from Pads, I'll go again with her. Penny asked, well told, the man in front of her to sit down for the credits. Said man was friend/family of George the drummer. Embarrassed, yes, but will be a good story when the embarrassment has gone.

Victoria and Debs

After that Walt disappeared to Luxembourg and Stella to Crossgates. I get my study back for a bit then it's a Foxwood Steel Christmas night out to see Debs before it's back to the Emirates with her.

Matt, Charles
We meet halfway between Huddersfield and Leeds - at the pub on Dewsbury Station. I tell Debs and Charles, who have now been joined by friend Matt, how I am off to teach/observe steelpans a Lille [et en francais!]. What I need, I say is to practise speaking French, and Matt turns out to speak that very same language, rather better than myself! Yo! We show off for a bit, well I show off and Matt speaks French.

big strings
Next thing is Debs' parting words to me, namely "Oh shit!" as her train pulls up at the platform!

And that was that: a Foxwood night out, rather like a Foxwood practice - sparsely attended, small, but always perfectly formed.


everybody on
For me, New Year's Eve has gone from Moscow, then Dublin, then Brid, then John and Charlotte's party, and this year again, John and Charlotte's party. One amazing home brew after the other. Tried them all, then Sue and I took a taxi home.
cello coffins outside Town Hall

New year's Day was a day off then it's the 2nd January and a double bill of  National Youth Orchestra at Leeds Town Hall with Tchaikovsky, Korngold and Prokofiev  . . . .
 and then the Brudenell with Lez Vegas [in which Helen Bassa Springbank!] and After Hours.
One person we didn't see, Strid was yourself!