Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Katie and Victoria M-S get wed

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The last [and first] time I saw Katie is a dress was when she was a bridesmaid for Bex and Anthony on their nuptials 19 August 2016. That was ten years ago on Morgan's 16th birthday. Who dressed appropriately, played in the band, then hopped off to town.

on da phones

Now, November 19 2016 it is Katie herself marrying with the sister as bridesmaid/matron of honour. This time it is Maya's sixth birthday. And Katie is in a dress again like she was born to it. So is Vic and they totally look the part.

Those of us from Foxwood Steel who hang out in bars with Katie anyway are invited to the evening do, and we are going to play some tunes on our pans before the effects of alcohol take their toll.

But today is not really about the pans. Today is to celebrate two lovely people saying yes.

A bit of a blur

Playing, we are me, Fehmina, Vicky, Charlotte, Daisy, Sheeks, Amy, Natalie plus Bex and, off and on, Katie, dancing in the marquee were all the above. Daisy caught the bouquet. Sophie arrived later on. Somebody [no names!] was sick! Towards the end of the evening it was a bit of a blur.

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