Friday, 9 January 2015

A Half term of Conferences

Now then Strid,

After the excitement that was Hull, the only way I can get away now is by going to a conference, or in this case, five!
                                                         First it was the MU teachers'
bird at Cardiff College
conference in Cardiff, actually Land of my Father who was born in nearby Bridgend. I left Bex ,Yi Bai and Tim to take the Sparrows at the Awards Ceremony at Leeds Rugby/Cricket Club, and jumped on the train to Manchester, where I met Diane, who I was expecting to meet, and .two ex-colleagues, which was a bonus. Followed shortly by bumping into the youngest son at Picadilly, as Diane and I were changing trains and Mig was coming home.

In Cardiff we conferenced hard, then in the evening I spot ex-student, James now in his fourth year at Cardiff College of Music, and then we go out and drinking with lots of lovely people including Karen who was in eldest son's Music A level class at Lawnswood School, Leeds.

Cardiff Station
one big recorder
The following day I left Wales for the sunny climes of Peterborough for the Schools Music Association Conference, Here were more old chums including my ocarina friends: David and Christa, and maybe another glass of wine. The highlight of this weekend was a professional blind musician, who played more types of recorders than I knew existed. More details on Music Ed blog.
two recorders at once

Back in Leeds for recovery half term, then down to the people v PFI conference at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine. In the evening I went over to Hackney to see Grand Union's latest offering, then stayed in a bizarre little hotel in Hackney.

Next morning met up with Lionel and Hazel [from Nostalgia]. We talked endless rubbish about steelpans then drove over to Clapham Junction to talk more rubbish of same ilk with Grafton and Charlotte. Kings Cross and home!

At Kings Cross I met up with Aretha and we journeyed home together.

The following Thursday evening I spent an hour in the cold at Leeds Station while the London trains failed to materialise, eventually sprinting [who am I kidding!] from Kings Cross to St Pancras to jump on on the Luton train. Just made it for a glass of wine at the wonderful Great Northern and talked pop music history with some of the regulars.

Then slept in a weird hotel, pods for rooms, no windows, claustrophobic, cheap.

Great Northern, listed tiles

television but no windows

This conference was on Carnival Arts, and was great, and very inspiring, especially the tales from Carnival artists on what these Arts had done for them - professionally. Lots, it appeared. Met up with Marina.

Back to Leeds Friday evening ready for "Summat New" at Leeds Uni, where, unsurprisingly met loads of people I knew including Diane and Marina.
Luton Airport Station - scary
Summat New Leeds Uni

After all that Astrid, I was ill for months.

Summat New Leeds Uni

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