Friday, 23 January 2015

Blayds, Chemic, Armley Mills: Natalie and Ursula Get a Bit Older

We thought it was too loud., but Tim thought, nice.
Well Astrid

The heady days of foreign travel are behind me for a bit. Getting my excitement these days from Lower Briggate, Woodhouse and Armley.
huddling in thermals
First Natalie, very inconveniently born at the end of the autumn term, celebrates her birthday at Blayd's where summer 2013 we rocked Gay Pride. and in winter we huddled under a small tarpaulin in our thermals.

This evening Bex and Katie danced a bit. Bex, Vic and I posed with bottles.

The Chemic, Leeds

Saturday after Christmas, for her big birthday, Ursula booked Open Mike at the Chemic and then a private screening of Mamma Mia at the Little Cinema at Armley Mills Museum. Well, that was just the best!

I loved Mamma Mia all over again, and I absolutely loved Armley Mills for the first time [and have lived in Leeds over 30 years!]



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