Sunday, 3 May 2015

Danielle comes back from Dublin to be 21

Kings Cross in October
Marquis in December
Well Astrid, no sooner than I had created the letter to Carriacou for Debs, then she moved to Abu Dabi, and then no sooner than I create Letter to Singapore for you then you up sticks and are coming back to Yorkshire! Yo!

NAS leader at Stand Up for Ed conference

So'anyway my next event/holiday trip is Friday 5 to Saturday 6 February for a Stand Up for Education Conference in London, followed immediately by helping Danielle get older in the Royally.
[Whenever I am not staying with Grafton or Charlotte I can be found in some "interesting" hotel in Victoria. [I use "interesting" here as you might use "emotional" to mean very drunk!]]
However on this occasion I have booked the hotel for the 5 March, not February. Hmm. It's 9.30pm. I am homeless. I call at the hotel next door, pay up immediately that they have a free room. "Don't you want to see the room first? Nope!

I have adopted the Marquis on the corner of Belgrave and Warwick. It's a pint and a quick Wifi moment for me, then back for some "interesting" tele.
Meeting next day was great, then back on the train for the Royal Park, and the room upstairs where I spent most of the 80s watching bands and sometimes playing myself with Sheehee or the Wirrits or Open to Offers.
Danielle is already investigating how many shots she can put away and still stand. I find Amy, Bex and Sophie as well as Danielle from Foxwood and also their friend Julie [ex-student from City] who, in the coming months is to see rather more of me than she or I expected! But in a good way.
They danced the Macarena [no idea how to spell] and then hit Leeds nightlife. Yo.

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