Saturday, 1 August 2015

Stella and Lola get Older and Tim and I fell a tree

It's half-term and I have booked a surprise lesson for Stella's 13th birthday party. Nobody knows it is a pool lesson at the Northern Snooker Club. Walt brings her over somewhat nervously.
Ian is a great teacher. Back at home, we still don't let on, and Stella challenges Walt to a game of pool. With some success!

Then on Wednesday Tim and I take on the twig that I stuck in the ground in my allotment 20 years ago and is now sucking all the rain out of the ground underneath it as fast as it falls. I let Tim do the exciting bit.

On Thursday Charlotte sang some tunes with Mike at the Chemic. [no idea where the pic is]

On Saturday Lola had a birthday tea-party to be 8  at our house. We had sandwiches, buns and played Statues, Pass the Parcel and Musical Bumps. They all ended in tears. It was lucky we had extra prizes for not having won a prize in the last ten minutes!

Half term holiday! No way!

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