Sunday, 2 August 2015

Moreton-in-the Marsh Charlbury Southwark

as nice as it looked
It's the Easter holiday, Foxwood have played Maddie and Liam's wedding, and now it is time for a day in a country hotel in the Cotswolds and then a whole day talking about music teaching. Yay.
Is it a bed or is it my study?
nice car
loving the car
I stayed in Moreton-in-the-Marsh, wrote a great deal, walked a bit, next day took the train to Charlbury to meet Fran and Richard. Here we did indeed discuss music education for one whole day [heaven]  and then Richard gave me a lift to Bicester Station in his car. 
And this was not any car! I would have gone anywhere! See car!

nice London brickwork
From Bicester I travelled into London Marylebone Station, and then down to the lovely Hour Glass Hotel in Southwark, which turned out also to be a pub, and on this warn evening, well open door, onto little street tabled area. In the evening, sat in the bar, football on and ending up talking this and that with other drinkers. Then up to room on eye level with concrete footbridge up to the big blocks of flats opposite.
Marylebone Station
Next day it was over to MU meeting (not for holiday blog) a quick drink in Clapham and back up to Leeds.
In the Fentiman
That car again
That car again
In the Fentiman

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