Monday, 3 August 2015

RIP Clippy and then Mittens and Dibble move in

don't normally allow cats on the table . . .
Our beloved Clippy died last winter and we have been wandering helplessly for months through a cat-free world. Till today!
Clippy in a basket

Clippy on a laminator
Clippy in a plant pot

Clippy in a box of wood

Clippy watching the world go by

I phoned Harrogate RSPCA; they have One Direction just 8 weeks old, Liam and Niall are left, yes I would like them, she needs to check over the house. We live on a main-ish road, will it pass the test. Nicola arrived, carrying a cat basket into the house. "Please don't bring them in, if it's not a yes" I said and burst into surprising tears.

Well an hour later Mittens [the polydactyl] and Dibble have moved in.
Anyway, that's it. A cat is a cat, I guess. We had Clippy from Lisa Clipstone [one of Foxwood students the day that Foxwood closed]. 
She had two sets of kittens and after the kitten-bearing days were over she just slept in any container she could find, or perched on narrow radiators, off which she would regularly slip. Still miss her, but Dibble and Mittens will fill the hole left by her absence I guess.
See Mittens' polydactyl paw to explain her name


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