Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Miriam leaves the UK and Astrid comes back, Miriam and Debs turn up at same graduation ceremony

Well Astrid, I am not a great fan of city centre drinking at the weekend [I predict a riot], but it was Miriam's leaving do and needs must. However when we got to the Liquorist it was just too loud.   
Cutting a long story, we ended in Gusto where Mig was that evening. Morgan may well be regretting telling me he was in Leeds this particular Friday. In fact at one point he was suggesting we were too loud. Moi! Jamais! In the end we were me, Miriam, Tim and Buster.
There's another daughter/granddaughter somewhere in here!
Just as Miriam is deserting the devastating effects of academisation [education privatisation without educational philosophy] in the UK, here you are back with us, Astrid.  Yippee on both accounts.
It's the right start for Miriam and the right return for you.
Anyway, before Miriam hits Egypt [and I am not sure Egypt really knows what's coming!] Miriam has to collect her post-post-grad research thingy. I go as her significant adult [!], but when we get first person we meet is Debs [also driven abroad by academisation] collecting her Masters. Debs is with Charles and her mum [Margaret] and Miriam has me.
Debs taking the stage
Grimesdyke on the big screen
Debs and Miriam at Beckett Park
Miriam taking the stage
Debs and Family and another family

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