Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Haverford West to Manchester Piccadilly the Long Way

says it all - popped onto Twitter this week
Friday is my last day in Pembrokeshire. I plan to spend to do it doing as little as possible, and I succeed in this aim.
house in Haverfordwest
On the right below are sea anemones, limpets, rocks, and various flowers [really, is it all flowers?], a bird at the top of a tree. A small island off the Pembroke Coast, looking at a stream, reading. And Haverford West Castle.
We drive to Haverfordwest, mooch around for a bit, then it's the train and home for me. Sadly this takes the form of a cancelled Cardiff to Manchester train and we obliged to wait a good while at Hereford, next train to Crewe, and then who knows?
Certainly not the staff at Crewe who keep counting us. [We are not impressed that the trains (and there at least two Cardiff to Manchester ones) are cancelled, owing to "staff sickness and holidays".  Who thought that people would take a holiday in August?]

My travelling companion in disaster, Caroline left at Shrewsbury to continue on to Oswestry. Then a group of about nine us gather at Crewe while the station staff decide what to do with us.
Welcome to Crewe!
I tired and it's only Hereford.
hanging around
Crewe First Class Lounge

Piccadilly sans son
negotiating the tram lines
 Eventually we are invited/allowed to partake of tea (and banana) in the first class lounge. The first class customers look alarmed at this group of grumpy tired holiday-makers. We take photos of each other and bond even more.

At last we are the 12.44 to Manchester Airport and Piccadilly - oh joy. It is half past one and Morgan "might" be a bit late. Get bored of waiting in empty station, start walking to meet him, discover the best drunk, suit white teeshirt, just about staying upright on high heeled pink sling-backs.
Go back to Mig's, drink too much wine. The drunk made my night; the drink finished me off.
holding onto lamp post

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