Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Blown Away by the East Coast

It is a year since I have set up that huge six berth tent of mine. I can't wait to get out of the city and nestle down on a little patch of grass somewhere not here. But you don't travel light with to children and a baby, so we fill two cars and go. Rick leaves us at Reagis Sands and we set to work on our form of glamping. Massive living room, kitchen area, play area etc.

Alas just as we are sorted, the refrigeration unit at the camp shop decided to break down. We get the car back out, and hit the Spar at the garage on the Filey Road, and then the chippie in Filey. Back chez nous we regroup for drinks and party games (well, drinks).

Next day is sunny. W are on the cliff top with panoramic views of sandy beach, cliffs jutting into sea and all of Filey sea front. We walk down to the beach, paddle and play catch. Seven month old Patrick takes to sand like a duck to water- crawls on it, eats it, smiles. Back up to the tent, Vegetable stew, then Georgia, Jordan and Maya go to the evening's camp "entertainments" and I continue editing and adding to the book.

Next day it is windy, look out of the tent; next door tent is straining at the leashes, higher up one of the smaller tents is on the ground;

Gig and the kids go to wash up, come back to find me, holding on for dear life as a strut breaks loose and I have half-dismantled ours.
We drag two carloads of camping and baby gear down to the bottom end of the site. Chris and Paul offer to help, and won't in fact leave us until we have repitched it, and it takes all four of us plus Jordan hanging onto various ropes to do it. Howling gale or what.

In the evening they take on the entertainments for a second day in a row and I contemplate music for children with additional needs for the 150th  day in a row!

Next day we decamp, Rick calls for us, and we go for a paddle on Filey beach and chips on the prom. I call in on Rick bro en way back. Wherein I pick vegetables and contemplate the state of my own allotment.

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