Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Bill Viola at Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Light Night Fright Night

Victoria and Staveley reflecting with camera
As the Sparrows bandleader, I often get invited to the opening of exhibitions and events at Yorkshire Sculpture Park., but rarely have been able  to attend them. This time I can and now I have new pal, Staveley the Photographer who will appreciate art and I am hoping explain it all to me.

It's a nice day There's a few hundred of us. We listen to the speeches, have a glass of juice and enter the weird world of Bill Viola. Well, it's underground installations, films of disintegrating people dissolving into water and what have you. The first few made me feel quite faint. In a good way.

In the last room we were invited to take a cup of green tea and watch a video that Bill had made, on the one side his mother dying and on the other his child being born, and other such stuff. There were stories on the walls, including how he fell into a pond as a child and remembered seeing the world through water.
Sort of validated for me how accidents are entitled to form and formulate your life theories.
Staveley and I arranged to met for Light Night in Leeds, but then Marina phoned to ask if I would march with her for the Day of the Dead.
And that is how I came to spend Friday evening dressed as a Mexican peasant woman with scary face make-up, bringing up the rear of the Lantern parade. I decided against going out further for reasons of the face make-up, and as my cracked my ribs were still playing up it was just as well.

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