Monday, 16 November 2015

Nick Sparham aka Harvey managed 40

Nick Sparham aka Harvey managed 40
 This fact deserves a post to all to itself.
Nicky was in my tutor group at Foxwood; he was in my steelband; he was one of the best soprano pan players ever; he was one of top GCSE hopefuls of his year; he took no exams.

He used to babysit for me; he was gay; he and Derek told me in Yr 10 that they would come out in Yr 11. I told them that my support for them was not going to be replicated by the hoi poloi of Seacroft and Foxwood School - this was two and half decades ago - and I advised them both against it, but would stand by them if needed..

Anyway two weeks into term another kid asked me if Nick was gay [probably not the word he used]; proud, but nervous for these two, I said, You will have to ask him yourself. Turned out that they both denied it for the remaining,

It was a tough old world,
but lovely Nick was a survivior, is a survivor, so although I had recently taken my back steps at speed and face first, and was now suffering the mothers and sisters of all bruised ribs, I just had to honour the occasion.

En route, and ever thus, we had to meet Charlotte to return the pan she left in the van. At which point, in the middle of Briggate we bumped into Daisy and Lola, so it seemed only appropriate to take loads of pics.

Then on to M and S for some flowers and down to Lower Briggate for the do. Bit of a trip down Memory lane meeting his mum, uncle and aunt and some ex-students. And it been 19 years ago when Max's late partner, Dave and I saw Nick safely through his 21st at the Jester in Bradford. I do live in hope that he will return to Foxwood Steel. Above is a picture of him from schooldays circa 1990 treading the old boards at Harehills Community Centre.

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