Friday, 20 November 2015

Soul Circle, Tidal, Marina and Aleaxander D Great

It started with Soul Circle at the Chemic. Walt and I nipped down to see Alan (kit) and John (bass), and catch up with Ann. Soul Circle were on form, and I wished I had driven down, but I have yet to learn the fine art of soft drinks in da pub. This is best done with mental preparation and generally going down nearer to closing time, neither of which I had done. [the picture above comes from a selection of Soul Circle, none of which either Alan or John.]

We bumped into Lynn and Oliver. Lynn was pleased to meet Walt for the first time as she had heard so much about him from his grandmother. Amit, however opined that going for a drink with my very grown-up (only in age!) son was just increasing my own age!

On Friday I attended This Changes Everything at Woodhouse Community Centre. This powerful film was part of the start of the Tidal Conference. Turns out I should have been watching Alexander D Great in Mirfield (which I had in my diary as Saturday night). So I didn't deserve it when Marina, Glenn and Alexander himself turned up for a few tunes and poems at Woodhouse. First time I had heard Marina declaiming, and not surprised to learn she had won several poetry slams.

They went busking in Leeds Centre. I skipped off with them. There I met Emma B doing some art outside the Art Gallery, and also met my old friend Journalist John, who first sat me down and showed me how to make a blog when I campaigning for City of Leeds School to stay just that.
Emma B plus

Next day I took the mother to see some black and white footage of the old suffragette days. Just loving my new regular trips to the Hyde Park cinema.
From there I race off to Mirfield St Paul's for Alexander's last set and Marina's Carnival workshops in St Paul's Church. Here I decide to sign up for some salsa dancing at Inkwell, have a professional photo taken for conferences an' 'at, and take Alexander to the station on my way home.

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